Welcome to LA Hair Stylist by Bogart - Bogart is a highly sought after professional check him out on yelp as he is one of the top rated hair stylists in LA for his hair coloring techniques . For the best in hairstyles, coloring, and cuts, contact Bogart and see why he is one of the top LA hair stylists close

Professional Los Angeles Hair Stylist

Professional Los Angeles Hair Stylist, Bogart Michaels will make sure you achieve the look that meets your personal needs. Your hairstyle is the first thing others notice about you, therefore it is important it reflects how you really want to be seen.

Bogart currently is available by appointment only, book your private consult or appointment today. Call (310) 890-2692 or send an email for more information. Located in Los Angles, California and available in other locations upon request.

Bogart’s reputation spread and before long he was cutting and styling hair for television and film for shows like “The Wayne Brady Show”, “NYPD Blue”, “NCIS” and “7th Heaven”. Bogart knew that he wanted to work in Beverly Hills. For professional Los Angeles hair stylist, coloring, and cuts, make your way to Bogart’s chair where you will one of the top professional Los Angles hair stylist.

Well known and highly sought after for his signature hairstyles and amazing cuts, Bogart has a real passion for hair! He has mastered his own technique. His signature cut, he calls “Japanese sashimi style of vertical cutting” allows for hair to grow longer and healthier between cuts. Utilizing both wet and dry cutting methods, each of Bogart’s styles takes on a personality of it’s own, giving each client the fresh and sexy look they want!

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Professional Los Angeles Hair Stylist

Bogart’s Success

Bogart attributes his success to his consultations. He believes that his ability to listen to the client and give them the cut and style they are looking for is most important. Read More...


Tips for healthy hair

Caring for long hair takes a lot more time compared to caring for short hair or hair of normal length. Just washing and drying long hair can be quite a task in itself.
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So Fox Photo Shoot

So Fox Photo shoot

Bogart has built a solid reputation for amazing haircuts based on a client’s unique look and needs. His success and popularity due to his ability to consult and connect with each client. Read More..

Professional LA Hair Stylist

Los Angeles Hair Stylist Celebrities

For the best in hairstyles, coloring, and cuts, contact Bogart and see why he is one of the top LA hair stylists, doing what he loves…HAIR!! Read More..


Professional Los Angeles Hair Stylist Bogart Michaels

Back in the 80’s “big hair” and rock bands went hand in hand, and it was during this time that Bogart discovered his love for cutting and styling hair. While traveling around the country performing with his band, his natural talent for cutting hair came in handy and he started cutting and styling hair for his fellow band members. Before long, word spread across the industry and Bogart became known for creating the rockin’ hairstyles that musicians and fans adored. Some of the biggest bands around, from Steven Tyler and Aerosmith to Motley Crue, the Goo Goo Dolls and others, started going to Bogart for his trademark haircuts!

Bogart is your professional Los Angeles hair stylist, whether a person is looking for Bogart to give them a cool cut or a unique hair color, he is your hair care professional. Bogart offers a variety of hair services to his clients. Being one of the top professional well stylists he is trained in working with the hair of men, women and children of all ages. Learn more about Bogart’s services..